We Speak Your Language
Our experience in solving the construction problems of hundreds of clients in scores
of different businesses is a tool we use in communicating with our clients. This “tool”
is utilized to solve any construction challenge, and to communicate solutions in a
manner specific to your corporate environment.

When appropriate, outside professionals are identified to supplement the JMS
Construction team, lending additional diversity of discipline and construction
knowledge to your construction project.
We Solve Your People and Productivity Problems.
A critical goal for us is to understand your on-going productivity requirements of
your business and being sensitive to the specific needs of existing employees. What
we can do to minimize unproductive distractions is equally as important as getting
the job done. Pre-construction resolution of issues such as parking, security, material
drop locations and site protection reduce the possibility of complaints.
JMS Construction specializes in complete shell construction, tenant improvement and
building renovation. Fulfilling requirements of committed tenants while representing
the interests of the Owner/Developer is the manner in which our position has been
secured. Our success in this field is due, in part, to the following:
We are Committed to the Value of “Value Engineering”.
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At the core of our bidding process is the understanding of our inclusion of value
engineering. By bringing together three or more construction disciplines that are
geared toward evaluating your particular needs, it brings to bear the experience of
each member of the team. This can, and usually does develop into solving not how
cheaply can we bid this project and still meet specifications, but what can we
accomplish to enhance your project within your pro forma allowance.
We Make the Project Function Efficiently.
During the pre-construction meetings, we address the total scope of the construction
project so that quick decisions will not be required at later times. We promote client
interaction with our subcontractors to achieve complete understanding of your

requirements and resolve situations before they impact schedules or erode budgets.
Decisions made quickly are often the most costly and need to be minimized.

Changes orders, by their nature, demand immediate response. Pre-construction
evaluations can tremendously eliminate the need for rushed decisions that may effect
the schedule completion or interfere with well defined budgets.
We Ask for your Business.
Our reputation is based upon job performance, quality workmanship, management
reliability and integrity, and the commitment in every project to protect the best
interests of you, the client. This reputation is our best reference, and the reason your
construction plans should include a Request for Proposal from JMS Construction.