Greenpoint Technologies
Kirkland, WA

A 38,000 sf corporate headquarters for a firm
specializing in the design and construction of
custom interiors for Boeing jets. The build-out
included a high end lobby, state-of-the-art
presentation rooms, a design boutique and data
Total construction cost of $1,900,000
JMS Construction  •  A Division of Temegon, Inc.  •  JMS COC*150RS
8575 Willows Road  •  Redmond, WA 98052  •  (425) 883-0241  •  Fax (425) 882-3262
Woodmark Hotel
Kirkland, WA

Complete renovation of the guest rooms, suites
and common areas of a luxury hotel, on a fast
track schedule, with the facility operating through
80% of the construction phases.
Total construction cost of $3,100,000
Eastside Harley Davidson
Bellevue, WA

Complete renovation of a 35,000 sf building from
a typical office floor plan to a 17,500 sf retail
space and a state-of-the-art service facility of
17,500 sf. Project duration 12 weeks. Turned over
the project to the Owner on time and under
Total construction cost of $1,236,000
Bellevue Club
Bellevue, WA

Provide a series of major upgrades to the region’s
leading athletic club, which the facility remained
fully operational. Projects have included indoor
and outdoor aquatic centers, exercise rooms,
locker rooms, restaurants, and conference centers.
The highest level of finishes have been provided
Total construction cost of $6,000,000