“We provide high quality construction services to our customers in Western
Washington. Our success in providing these services is attributed to that which we
We Value Our Customers.
We make sure that we understand your needs. We work as part of your team.
JMS Construction  •  A Division of Temegon, Inc.  •  JMS COC*150RS
8575 Willows Road  •  Redmond, WA 98052  •  (425) 883-0241  •  Fax (425) 882-3262
We Value Performance.
We commit ourselves to efficient, high-quality workmanship that meets the customer’
s time schedule.
We Value Honesty and Integrity.
We guarantee our work. We do what we say we’ll do. We take responsibility for each
commitment and guarantee its completion to your specifications.
We Value A Professional Staff.
Our people make the difference. We dedicate a construction team to each project’s
success from beginning to end, utilizing the most qualified, experienced and
professional people in each position in our organization.